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kaypez siamese

kaypez siamese

kaypez siamese kittens

We have had some wonderful comments and pictures sent to us from the families who now own our kittens so we decided to share them.


Solo (Kaypez Prince Soloman) now known as Yoda is sharing his life with the Smith Family and their cat Ruffy.

lilac point siamese cat

Rather than put down what Yoda's family have said they have come up with a remarkable idea to keep in touch with us so we can all share Yoda's latest news and pictures. He has his very own blog so everyone can enjoy his progress see what hes been up too here http://siameseyoda.blogspot.co.uk

kaypez siamese cats

Hope (Champion Kaypez Dreamcome Blue and Leo Azlan - Kaypez Heaven Or Las Vegas) now sharing their lives with the lovely Fi. Fi's daughter also has one of our cats too Kaypez Star Struck the family must be crazy.


Dear 'Mum'

We're very happy here, nice snuggly blanket to curl up on and 'Mummy Fi' even put the heating on for us....!!

Lots of love to you - and all the furry ones,

Hope and Leo

x x purrrrrrrr, purrrrrr x x

kaypez siamese cats

Pepsi- Kaypez Fairytail- Now sharing the home of the Bakers and Manny.

Thought you might like the latest photos of Pepsi. She is certainly
growing quickly and is a very beautiful little lady.
Pepsi and Manny are still the best of friends. Everyone who has met her
has said how fantastic she is, how friendly
and good natured. You should be very proud of her she is a real credit
to you all and we love her to bits.

kaypez siamese cats

Tango- Kaypez Kandy Floss - Now sharing her life with Di and Mike and her ancestors the Applejack cats.

Poppy is lovely so full of fun we love her so much, will send you more photos as she grows.

Di Clarke

kaypez siamese cats

Kaypez Miz Marple- Now sharing her life with Sally and Neil and their other feline friends.

Things are progressing well with our beautiful Alice cat. She and my oldest (Burmese) now sleep next to each other and he has the patience of a saint with her and is very gentle, even though she attacks his tail! I will forward a picture of them later on when we download them. Dudley the Siamese who is the baby of the family even though almost 10 years old, is not so tolerant and quite jealous of her with some hissing fits still. We are giving him lots of love and hope he will settle down with her in the near future. She has settled in as though she owns the house and us which is great and such a loving little cat, we are thrilled to bits with the way you raised her. Hope uncle Louis isn't missing them too much! Plus of course Hope & Lilly

kaypez siamese cats

Kaypez My Miracle- Bella. Now sharing her life with the Bidder family and their cats.


Just a couple of pictures of Bella - she is so adorable she follows us everywhere - she is the friendliest kitten and that’s all thanks to you! - Keith is her surrogate mum she runs after him all the time.  It has been pandemonium here for the last few days -Bella isn’t really bothered about the other cats - my oldest Sophie has been brilliant and so has Tansy.
 Thanks for letting us have her.

kaypez siamese cats

Kaypez Eclipse-Emmett now called Rafiki sharing his new life with Shona and family in Northamptonshire.



Introducing Rafiki the newest member of the parker family a lovely lilac point looks like an angel but he's been up the chimney & turns out to be a fish thief - you never mentioned that Kate hee hee

kaypez siamese cats

Ellie- Kaypez Star Struck- Settled in with Nicola and Richard and their family of fur kids.

'As promised, some piccies of Elle in her new home. she is getting on fine, and is a little less scared of the other guys now! We have been having some good cuddles, and she has been chewing my toes in bed! Elle has made friends at last.'

kaypez siamese cats

Saffi- Kaypez Labelled LaBash now ruling the LaBash cattery in charge of Liz and family including Kevels LaBash LadyTalula (loolaa).

'I cannot explain how chuffed I was when Hope had her kittens and the biggest bundle born was a Lilac girl.....13 weeks of waiting (felt as long as a pregnancy!!) and we finally brought Saffi home with us on 21st August 2010.
After a few days of hissing, LooLaa and Saffi (Kaypez Labelled LaBash) became the best of friends and it now seems as if they have always been together.

Saffi is a little minx and enjoys nothing more than biting toes, pearching in impossible places and taunting the dog.

I cannot say how pleased I am that the lovely Kate entrusted her baby with me and Saffi now completes our home

kaypez siamese cats

Cumin- Kaypez Mister Blue-Sky now sharing his life with Claire, Peter and Barney the Balinese.

Cumin on the left with his pal Barney the Balinese on the right

blue point siamese kittens

Cumin testing out the new bed!!!

'My human slaves have only just allowed me computer time - but I've managed it.  I have still got them to learn how to take my photograph.

Well I've managed recruit another slave.  It took me sometime to work on him, in fact, he tells me that it was only because he was not very well with a bad ear and the fact that he had to let me know that it was his house.

I do like it here especially now that that furry thing that calls himself a cat (you did not tell me that cats came in polar bear size and looks) has agreed to be my new friend.  He lets me pinch his food - only when he is not looking and my new mum doesn't see me - and I can even ride on his back.  His tail is just wonderful and I spend hours watching it and attempting to catch it.

I have lots of toys that I have found and some of the human visitors that have come to see me have brought me presents too.

Well I must rush as I think there may be something that I can eat coming up down the stairs.

Lots of love to you all - I do miss you all -thank you for letting me come to this new home.'

kaypez siamese cats

kaypez siamese kittens

Diddy- Kaypez P Diddy sharing his life with the Bell family.

'Please be assured that Diddy is being spoilt rotten and having lots of
cuddles and love.  As it is half term he also has a playmate around for much
of the day - Charlie has had a bit of a cold so the two of them are now
tucked up on the sofa (Charlie watching TV and Diddy snoozing).

We will keep in touch and send you photographs so that you can see how Diddy
is growing - he eats like a horse (well a small one) so I'm sure that he
will continue to thrive.

Anyway thanks so much for bringing him up to be so resilient and confident.
We really love the new addition to our family and everyone who has visited
has fallen in love with him.`

kaypez siamese kittens

Tinchy- Kaypez Tinchy Stryder sharing his life with the Bell family including P Diddy.

'Tinchy has settled in really quickly and the 2 boys spend their time either
fighting or snuggling up together.  We let Tinchy loose in the house today
(and Diddy was very pleased to be allowed to roam around again so spent the
time thundering up and down both flights of stairs). He had a good sniff and
there were lots of crazy chases.  Diddy hates to be left out so whenever we
call Tinchy he comes rushing over too (having previously ignored us when we
called him - unless he wanted some cuddles in which case he would crawl up
our legs). If Tinchy goes for some food then Diddy does too.  Similarly
Tinchy doesn't get to use the litter tray in peace.`

kaypez siamese cats

kaypez siamese lilac point kitten

Missy- Kaypez Missy Elliott sharing her new life with the Briance family including Sheng.

'Just found your new website. Congratulations, it's great.  I really enjoyed catching up with all your news and the photos are lovely.  All four babies seem to have taken to their new homes with no fear whatsoever and full of enthusiasm for fun (may be too much!!).  You have certainly done a great job in producing such delightful kittens.  A big thank you to Sean also. The time he spent playing with them has certainly helped to build their great characters.` 

kaypez siamese lilac point kitten

 kaypez siamese cats

kaypez p diddy lilac point siamese kitten

Bodhi- Kaypez Dizzee Rascle sharing his new life with the Hacker family including Bukka.

'Bodhi and bukka. New bezzie mates! Thank you so much, we love him so much already.`



kaypez siamese cats