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Week 1- 23rd August 2011

kaypez siamese cats

Our Fizzy’s are one week old and all 3 babies are thriving. The exciting news is I think I know what colours our babies are. We have a Seal Point and 2 Chocolate Points. It is very interesting for us to see as we have never bred these two colours before so watching them develop will be lovely. All the babies have opened their eyes and lost their umbilical cords which is normal for their age. Hope is continuing to be the perfect mother and she adores her children.


The Birth- 17th August 2011

4 days past her due date Hope finally had her babies. This was a worrying labour for us as it appeared that hope went into labour on Tuesday night then stopped all together. We were very worried by the morning (Hope wasn’t in the slightest bit bothered) so I contacted the vets. I was told that if no kittens were born by 9.30am to bring her in.

kaypez siamese kittens

It was a very nerve racking hour that’s for sure but at 9.20 the first baby was born. We have 3 beautiful kittens one of them is very small weighing just 66g. The smallest baby we have ever had, we hope he continues to do well.


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